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The Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo Review

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Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo

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The Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo comes equipped with a sturdy steel frame and a suspended seat that swivels 360 degrees. Your little one can spin and jump, all the while enjoying the 5 different toy stations. The Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo offers a total of 19 different activities, including a colorful spinning fish, a clam that opens and closes, a mirror with a bead bar, a spinning drum with a crab, overhead hanging toys, and so much more. Every time your little one jumps, he/she is rewarded with lights and music. The Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo offers soft spring covers that keep your little ones fingers safe from pinching along with 3 different height adjustments. The seat itself is padded and soft, with a removable, washable seat cover. The Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo is free standing and therefore no doorway is required, and when it comes time to store it, the tubes pop off the base easily.

Ocean Wonders Jumperoo Features:

  • Fisher Price Ocean Wonders JumperooDurable steel frame with 3 springs and soft spring covers that keep baby’s fingers safe from pinching
  • Suspended seat swivels 360 degrees
  • Removable, washable seat pad
  • 5 different toy stations – 19 total activities
  • Colorful, age-appropriate toys that stimulate visual and auditory senses
  • Fun sounds, music and lights – lights up when baby jumps
  • Enhances learning through discovery – interactive toys teach cause and effect and hand-eye coordination
  • Age minimum is 4 months, or when your little one can hold his/her head up unassisted
  • Max weight is 25 pounds, or 32″ tall
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

Video Demonstration:

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Ocean Wonders Jumperoo Reviews:

After reading through most of the customer reviews listed on Amazon, I’ve come to a couple conclusions. Number one, the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo is basically just like any other Fisher Price Jumperoo except that it has cute little ocean wonders characters instead of precious planet or luv u zoo characters. It has the same sturdy steel frame design with the suspended swiveling seat, the 3 height adjustments, no-pinch spring covers, and the washable seat pad. The Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo also offers the same lights and music which can be activated when Baby jumps, just like the Precious Planet Jumperoo, and the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo.

Number two, people really seem satisfied with the Ocean Wonders Jumperoo. In fact, all of the Fisher Price Jumperoo’s have excellent reviews. The Ocean Wonders Jumperoo had 18 out of 20 reviewers rate it 4 to 5 stars, that’s about a 90% customer satisfaction rating. Most were extremely pleased, stating that it was the best baby toy in the house, entertaining for Baby and entertaining for Mom and Dad too.  The only real complaint I found was regarding the height of the seat, which seems to be pretty common with all of the Fisher Price Jumperoo’s. The age minimum is 4 months, however some babies at 4 months were still too short for the lowest seat height. This was usually remedied by placing a pillow or some towels under Baby’s feet so that he/she could touch. There was also a few comments regarding the seat being too stiff to spin at first. Aside from that, most loved it, parents and babies alike. One reviewer commented that the springs on the Ocean Wonders Jumperoo seemed to be designed so that it practically jumps Baby for you, yet they’re sturdy enough to handle even the most intense jumping. All in all, I’d have to say that the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo, or any of the other Fisher Price Jumperoo’s, are an excellent choice. See for yourself what others had to say about their Ocean Wonders Jumperoo below.

The Good & The Bad

The Good
  • Sturdy steel frame with suspended seat and no-pinch covers on springs
  • Seat swivels 360 degrees so your little one can jump and spin
  • 19 different activities
  • The Ocean Wonders Jumperoo does NOT require a doorway!
  • Stimulates Baby’s senses with colorful toys, sounds, and music
  • Enhances learning with action/reaction interactive toys – when Baby jumps, he/she is rewarded with lights and music
  • Offer 3-height adjustments and weight limit of 25 pounds or 32″ tall
The Bad
  • Even at the 4 month minimum some children are unable to reach the floor when sitting in the Ocean Wonders Jumperoo
  • Seat can be a bit stiff at first when Baby is learning to spin

Customer Feedback:

Fisher price Jumperoo’s are the best, March 18, 2012

By Esther Gonzalez “Queen E” (Delhi, CA)

Don’t make the mistake of buying a jumper from anyone else. Fisher price, no matter what the theme, makes the best baby jumpers out there. The quality is better all the way around. Aside from the obvious it’s the stuff your baby can’t see that is more important. The seat is deeper which means that it holds your baby with more support. The back rest is higher to support the back and neck. The jumperoo seat has more padding which provides more comfort as your baby is jumping like a little rabbit gone wild. Fisher price has put all that attention just on the seat, the rest of the jumper is just magic when you see your baby smile, laugh, and jump. A friend of mine was trying to decide what jumper to buy her baby so I had her test out my son’s Ocean Wonders Jumperoo and in less than 20 min’s her daughter had figured out how to jump just as high as my son does. I attribute the ease of use to the fact that the springs that provide the up and down jump motion are made so well it almost jumps your baby for you. The springs are not too tight that your baby has to almost force a jump, these springs are solid enough to handle even the most intense jumping baby but they provide a smooth jump, the spring does not allow for the baby to be jerked around. All around whether you buy the Ocean Wonders Jumperoo or the rainforest theme which my other son had when he was a baby, I’m sure your child will love the Fisher Price Jumperoo.

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