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The Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo Review

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Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo

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The Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo is free standing with a suspended seat supported by three durable steel bars. The springs are covered with soft fabric that keeps Baby’s fingers safe from pinching. Loveable precious planet baby animals hang from the overhead toy bar, while a variety of colorful age appropriate toys surround your little one and provide endless entertainment. The Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo seat swivels 360 degrees allowing Baby to discover all the wonderful interactive toys, including toys that light up and provide musical tunes when Baby jumps for joy. The Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo offers 3 height adjustments, and a removable seat pad for easy cleanup.

Precious Planet Jumperoo Features:

    • Durable steel frameFisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo
    • 3 Springs with soft covers that keep Baby’s fingers safe from pinching
    • Suspended seat swivels 360 degrees
    • Seat pad is removable and machine washable
    • Overhead toy bar included two baby animals
    • 3 Position height adjustment
    • A variety of interactive toys including a bead spinner, toy bead bar, teething toys, and an electronic toy positioned in front that rewards Baby’s jumping with lights and sounds.
    • Age minimum is 4 months, or when Baby can hold his/her own head up unassisted
    • Age max is 25 pounds, or 32″ tall
    • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

Precious Planet Jumperoo Video Demo:

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Precious Planet Jumperoo Review:

As far as customer reviews go, the Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo did excellent! With 82 out of 93 reviewers rating it 4 to 5 stars, with 5 being the max. That’s 88% customer satisfaction! The only real complaint that I found was that some babies , at 4 months old, were not able to touch the floor with their feet. Most said that their babies were in the 50th percentile for height, and one reviewer even said that her son was in the 97th percentile and still couldn’t touch the floor on the lowest setting. Most of the reviewers who had this problem still loved the Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo, and just put a pillow underneath their babies feet until they had grown into it. The only other real complaint I found was that it was big, and doesn’t fold up nice and neat to store in a closet. It basically becomes like a piece of furniture, at least until Baby grows out of it. Other than that, most absolutely loved their Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo, mostly because their babies do. Several reviewers stated that it was the best entertainment in the house, not only for Baby, but also for whoever is watching Baby.

Customer Feedback:

Worth every penny, April 19, 2009


I was a bit hesitant to spend anywhere in the ballpark of $90 for a toy for my 4 1/2 month old, but I had seen babies enjoying other jumperoos and my daughter recently decided she wants to be upright all the time, so I figured we’d give the Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo a try. My daughter LOVES it! Sometimes she bounces, other times she’s more focused on playing with the toys, but she will play happily (and independently) for 30+ minutes in this. It’s height adjustable (she’s 25 in. long and her feet just barely touch the ground at the lowest setting, so we should get lots of use out of this before she grows out of it), and with the circular base it seems really stable. There are toys all the way around the 360 degree rotating seat, and while she doesn’t turn herself around yet, we can change things up for her every once and a while. We’ve been happy with other Fisher-Price toys for our baby (a Fisher-Price Hoppy Days Bouncer and a Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing), and I’m glad we went for this one.

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Great mix of fun and development!, August 17, 2011

By R. Joseph “Trinihibiscus”, (Caribbean)

We got the Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo for my son. He scrambles out of my arms to get into his jumperoo. Since he has been using the Precious Planet Jumperoo:
1- My son’s legs are much stronger (he stands a lot firmer)
2 -The noted twist in his feet “pigeon toes” has improved
3- Motor skills are fast developing
4- He is becoming more independent regarding his “alone time”

Also, the variety of toys truly fascinates him, he’s particularly fond of the wheelie, he giggles as it spins. He is also able to reach the dangling toys so that is quite funny when he gets a hold of them.

My son is now 9 mths and has been using the Fisher Price Precious Planet since he was 6 months. I truly cannot fault the toy in any way. Oh! my one issue is how cumbersome it can be when dismantled to move. But that’s just me being fussy 🙂

One thing we parents must always remember, one child’s experience will always be different from others. What holds the interest of my child may be an absolute bore to another.

This review is from: Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo – See Original

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